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You Deserve a No-BS Marketing Agency

Our History aka What That Means For You

After witnessing small business owners being ripped off by shady agencies, or disappointed by well-meaning but misguided agencies, Brandon Dauphinais decided to create a marketing agency that delivered no-nonsense marketing service. Marketing Mechanic was founded on the following beliefs:

No Retainers

Too often retainers are a lose-lose situation for both client and agency.  If something you need is going to span several months, then it is a campaign.  And you make monthly payments.  But to pay monthly payments for a ill-defined “service” doesn’t help the client.  All marketing activity should drive towards a specified goal.  And the retainer-based payment model doesn’t support this.

Strategy First

Too often the breakdown between agency and client stems from a lack of strategy.  At Marketing Mechanic, we are firm believers that a strategic plan is the key to delivering excellent results.  Too often marketing efforts are a waste of time and money because no one took the time to ensure the efforts were part of a smart strategy to support the company.  This is why, when we work with new clients, we insist on starting with a Strategy and Message Formation session.

Messaging is King

A solid message can make or break a company.  Part of the Marketing Mechanic strategy session is the creation of a “Definitive Selling Proposition” aka DSP.  With a well-formed DSP, a client can dramatically improve their marketing efforts and fortify themselves from their competition.  

Trust Over Chains

This is related to our stance against retainers.  The reason most agencies use the retainer model is that they don’t trust the clients to stay with them.  But at Marketing Mechanic, we believe that trust builds trust.  By not shackling a client down in a long-term, ill-defined retainer based contract we find that clients learn to respect our work even more.  And the irony?  Our clients keep coming back for more of our services, so we build a long-term relationship that agencies seek to gain using retainers.  But while their relationship is built on chains, our relationship is built on trust. Integrity is paramount here at Marketing Mechanic. 

Get a Marketing “Tune-up”

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