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Your Website May Not Make the Sell

But it can BREAK the Sell

If you had to trust just the words of your website to sell your services to customers, how would you do?  If the answer is “Not Great” then find out how to change that!

G.E.A.R. Audit

How It Works

Get a review of your website by a professional marketer.  Then find out how you can fix your site to boost your sells and clearly communicate to your customers. 

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A Marketing Mechanic Inspects Your Site

A professional “marketing mechanic” will create a 15-25 minute video walking page by page on your site showing you how you can improve it.

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Learn how you can change your website to GRAB you website visitor’s attention, ENGAGE their interest, ACTIVATE their desire to buy, and convince them to RESPOND to your offer.

What’s a G.E.A.R. Review DO?

The gear review ensures that every page of your website fufills the 4 critical tasks:

  1. Grab: Every page of your website should properly grab the attention of the visitor so they can quickly determine if A) this is the right page for them and if so, B) get them to read more
  2. Engage: If the visitor to your website is the right fit, the website needs to engage by being easier to understand and navigate while providing compelling content to continue reading
  3. Activate: Once the visitor is properly engaged you need to activate their desire to choose you as their solution
  4. Respond: After they have decide that you are right for them you need to make sure they A) know how to respond and B) convince them to respond to your call to action.



Get your G.E.A.R. Audit for only $300 

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