It's time to FIX your BROKEN Marketing.

Marketing can be crazy confusing and a huge drain on your revenue. Get help from the Marketing Mechanic to learn how to get the most from your "marketing engine!"


WHY Nitro Boost?

Nitro Boost Coaching was created to help TWO types of business owners:

1: Owners who can't afford to have a full time marketer on staff. And maybe marketing agencies are too much for them. They need training so they or their staff can handle their marketing needs.

2: Owners who CAN afford to hire staff or agencies but want to better understand marketing so they can OWN their marketing rather than BE OWNED by it. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to marketing.

If you fit either of these categories than Nitro Boost Coaching is for YOU. Pick a plan, get trained, and FIX YOUR BROKEN MARKETING.

^^^ That's Brandon the Marketing Mechanic. ^^^^


What Do You Learn?

Wanting to know what will be covering in 2020? Check out the roadmap fo


January - Building Your Plan

The NUMBER 1 difference that separates the best from the rest is that the best companies take the time to PLAN their marketing. Random Marketing Activities (RAM) knock you down when you least expect it.

But planning doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to make a plan that WORKS and isn't just a document that collects "dust" on your desktop.


February - Building Your "Moat"

If your business was a castle, then your definitive sales proposition and your "branding" would be the moat the protects it. What's your definitive sales proposition? What is "branding" really? Attend the session to find out what they are and how to protect YOUR castle aka business.


March - Content for Cash

Content Marketing is a buzzword that floats around the business circles and for many small business owners it is just another distraction. BUT, there is truth behind leveraging content to grow you business. This session will cover not only HOW to use content but how to CREATE content without working 100 hours a week.


April - Email the Forgotten Moneymaker

With all of the businesses I've worked with only one actually used email to grow their revenue. Be like that business and don't neglect the MOST cost-effective form of marketing available to you: the humble email.


May - SEO: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

If you follow Brandon, the Marketing Mechanic, on social media you may think he hates SEO marketing. He doesn't. But he has seen SEO abused as a means to trick naïve business owners. Learn the fact about SEO. What's real. What's not. And how you should approach it without giving it more time than it deserves.


June - Social Media in the New World

Social media is here to stay. Those who neglect it are no different than those who said radio or TV wasn't important. Of course, with the crazy events going on social media has begun to fragment with new platforms popping up all over the internet. What's a business to do? Find out how to make the most of the madness in this month's session.

Note: Second half of the year may be re-arranged based on group feedback and requests.


July - Video for Marketing Victory

If you have a smartphone then you have an expensive high-quality video camera in your pocket. And you can use it to grow your business. Learn smart ways to do it without spending hundreds of hours trying to become a YouTube star.


August - Product Tripwires and Elephants

Marketing isn't just about advertising; it's about positioning yourself in the market to make the maximize profit while delivering the maximum value. Too often business owners fail to realize their fastest path to better revenue isn't through ads, it's through how to package their products or service. In this session we are going to go DEEP into this topic and probably knock over some "sacred cows" of the business world in the process.


September - Referral Marketing

Word of mouth is a well know way to to grow a business. Why not leverage a natural human behavior to grow your business? Learn how to maximize the power of referrals during this session.


October - Copywriting for All!!!

Copywriting is the art and science of writing "marketing copy" that compels and converts prospects into customers. Learn how to leverage the "power of words" to grow your marketing powers! (And, no, you don't have to be a great writer to do so.)


November - Guerilla Marketing

Made popular in the 80 and 90s, guerilla marketing is about using unconventional tactics to grow you business. This session does a deep dive on how to leverage guerilla marketing for YOUR business.


December - Review for Revenue

The best way to move forward is to look back. Learn the process of reviewing your past marketing efforts to avoid WASTING MONEY ON BROKEN marketing and IMPROVING your future marketing efforts!


Whether you just need some regular training OR you need someone there with you every step of the way, the Nitro Boost coaching program has a plan for you.


You need coaching to get your marketing on track? This is the place to start. Monthly coaching with an Action Plan and Maintenance Guide every month.

  • Monthly Training Session
  • Access to Slack Channel
  • Access to All Previous Training Sessions


Join Waitlist

Power DIY

Need more than training? How about some ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure you apply what you learn? This level helps you get the accountability you need plus extra group calls to help you untangle your trickiest questions.

  • Access to Slack Channel
  • Access to All Previous Training Sessions
  • Twice Monthly Coaching Call (AMA + Coaching Deep Dive)
  • Weekly “Check-in” for Accountability via Slack or Email


Mentored DIY

Do you want to get even MORE done FASTER? Then get a jumpstart to your training with a customer marketing plan and direct access to Brandon, the Marketing Mechanic via his "Red Phone" hotline.

  • Monthly Training Session
  • Access to Slack Channel
  • Access to All Previous Training Sessions
  • Twice Monthly Coaching Call (AMA + Coaching Deep Dive)
  • Custom Marketing Plan and Branding Recommendations by Marketing Mechanic*
  • Weekly Accountability via Phone/Email/Text
  • 2 “Red Phone” Hotline Calls with Customer Calendar Access


*4-month commitment required. After four months most clients can switch to Power DIY or DIY to keep it going.

Price Cap Policy = Respect for YOUR Wallet

Regardless of which tier you pick, the most money you will pay for the Nitro Boost Coaching is $2000. Once you hit that mark you are paid for life. That means you keep getting monthly training (and access to all the past trainings) without having to spend another dollar.

Note: This doesn't include coaching deep dives calls and accountability "check-ins." If you want to continue with that it will be for a very small recurring fee.


Where is the Nitro Boost Coaching held?

This is a fully online coaching program. We are hosting on Zoom as it is the most stable platform at the moment.

How long should I attend coaching?

Marketing Mechanic is about no-nonsense marketing truth. And here is the truth, after 12 months you should be well equipped to handle your marketing. Does that mean you can keep attending sessions? Of course not! Marketing is like an onion. You can keep peeling back the layers to discover new things. But let's be real. You don't want to attend coaching session for 15 years. And what kind of coach would Brandon be if you needed to?

If you follow the coaching session by executing each month's action plan, then after a year you will be fully able to OWN your marketing.

What if I don't want to wait 12 months to master marketing?

There is a saying that you can't make a baby in 1 month with 9 women. Some things can't be made faster because some laws of nature can't be broken. That said you CAN speed up you mastery of marketing by joining the Mentored DIY section. Brandon will personally help you craft a marketing action plan and give you 1-on-1 time to make it happen.

Can I get a refund?

If you cancel with 48 hours BEFORE a session you can get a refund for that month. Otherwise it will be cancelled for the following month. To request a refund, please contact our support team.